Project Videos

Making a Cutting Guide
Making a Table for my 3D Printers
Making a Bedside Lamp
Making Steel “C” Clamps
Action Camera Shock Mount
Well Project Part 2: Levelling the well and laying the stones
Well Project Part 1: Making a Well Cover
Making a Drawer Slider Drill Press
Making a Dust Collector Cyclone
Router Circle Cutting Jig
Making a Rustic Throne Chair
Making a Cant Hook
Metalwork Hand Scraper
Making a Guitar Stand
Woodworking Rack Vises
Making a Soap Cutter
Concrete Bench Grinder Pedestal
Making a Circular Saw Crosscut Jig
Making a Table for the Crosscut Jig
Making a Branding Iron
Making Aluminium Ingots from Beer cans
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